RAS Model 6

The RAS Model 6 is a new and cutting-edge technology in our pipeline that complements the RAS Model 5. It is ideal for large-scale production of species not suitable for the RAS Model 5 and for projects located in areas with ample space.



The RAS Model 5 is complex in construction, but offers a small blueprint with a production capacity of 500 tons annually per 1000 m2. On the other hand, the RAS Model 6 is easier to construct but requires more space. During the planning phase, the RAS Model 6 can be customized in terms of tank volume and water treatment capacities, making it a highly adaptable solution. This means that it can be adjusted to meet the needs of a larger array of species, unlike the RAS Model 5 which is only ideal for Steelhead and Kingfish farming.

The RAS Model 6 also minimizes piping, reducing costs, shortening construction time, and eliminating a major risk factor in RAS projects, just like the RAS Model 5.



We believe that the RAS Model 6 technology could be, for some sites / locations, an  optimal option for large-scale production of Steelhead, Groupers, Barramundi, and potentially Atlantic Salmon in the future, and perhaps even other species beyond our current focus.

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