Aqua-Partners ApS was founded in 1996, initially principally doing design and consultancy services on marine hatcheries and hatchery technology. Mostly as subcontractor to key industrial players.

RAS technology for seawater soon became an increasing business segment, and Aqua-Partners was the first company to develop RAS design specifically designed for Seawater, overcoming the principal issues on bicarbonate accumulation, which is still causing problems in the industry in general.

There was an increasing demand to supply not just knowhow and design for new installations, but also complete RAS installations. Then in 2003 UNI-Aqua A/S was born as a sister company to supply the installations based on the concepts developed in Aqua-Partners ApS.

With the sale of of UNI-Aqua to the AKVA group, now Aqua-Partners ApS is again an independent consultant operation, assisting individual companies, as well as global players in the market with both mannagement support and design/technology for RAS installations and hatcheries.

As from the very start of the company in 1996, Dr. Bent Urup is still directing the technical direction and development of the company.

The technologies developed in Aqua-partners APS has now by 2017 succesfully been applied in many installations all over the world for production of many marine species, including bluefin tuna, turbot, Seriola, halibut, cod, salmon and sole.

The latest innovation from Aqua-Partners ApS, is the patent filed RAS2020 concept, a concept which changes the scope and potential of landbased farming of several species including Salmon and Seriola.

On RAS2020 deliveries, in most parts of the world, Aqua-Apartners ApS is now working closely with Veolia (Kruger A/S) and Gråkjaer A/S. 


Aqua-Partners Aps, is a 100% owned subsidiery of Bent Urup Holding ApS,